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4 ways your family’s Christmas can focus on the Bible

Rejoice! Christmas is coming!

Before you know it, the holiday season will have come and gone. The twinkling lights that once wrapped the tree and stockings that once hung above the fireplace, will both be tucked back into their boxes. The tangible, more superficial parts of the season will fade away with the Christmas music, but the memories and lessons planted in our children’s hearts will linger on.

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4 Ways to Make the Bible the Center of Your Family-01

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Here are 4 inventive ways to make the Bible the center of your family’s Christmas season:

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4 Ways to Make the Bible the Center of Your Family-041) Pretend. Take simply reading the Christmas story (as found in Luke 2 and Matthew 2) a step further by suggesting to your children that they “pretend” that they are a part of the Christmas story. Discuss how they would feel if they were Mary or Joseph, or even one of the shepherds who were greeted by the angels! Would they be scared, anxious, excited, etc…? You might also suggest acting out the Christmas story for extended family members or family friends. Pretending to be a part of the Christmas story will give your children the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild while engaging them in God’s Word.

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4 Ways to Make the Bible the Center of Your Family-062) Pray. After reading the account of the birth of Christ, take the time to pray as a family. Make a special memory out of holding a yearly “Christmas prayer time.” Simply circle up, bow heads, hold hands, and thank the Lord for the precious gift of His Son.

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4 Ways to Make the Bible the Center of Your Family-053) Practice. Dig into God’s Word by looking up verses on generosity, followed by a time of making individual lists of all the good things God has bestowed upon you as a family, including the gift of His Son! Practice emulating God’s generosity by brainstorming names of people that each member of your family would like to buy a gift for this Christmas season. This list of people could include a friend that is less fortunate, another family member, or even the mailman.

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4 Ways to Make the Bible the Center of Your Family-034) Party. What child doesn’t like the idea of a party?! Make a family affair out of throwing a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve, complete with a birthday cake and “Happy Birthday, Jesus” cards.[1] Throwing a birthday party for Jesus will spark a newfound excitement over the gift of both Jesus Himself and His life-giving Word, the Bible.

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These are just a few inventive ways to center your family’s Christmas season around our Savior and God’s Word. Don’t let this beautiful season come and go without whispering the goodness of God into the hearts of your children. Make it a meaningful Christmas full of joy and fond memories as you savor the goodness of the Lord in sending His one and only Son to die in our place (John 3:16).




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