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How to use Bible App for Kids

We’ve made it easy to help children best know how to use the Bible App for Kids using this simple guide!

  1. Download the app.
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It’s free, educational and honorable.

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BAK-09Search “Bible for Kids” and look for the Jesus icon in your app store.

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  1. Encourage your child to play it OFTEN
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It takes repeating information 5-7 times before it is memorized. This app is designed so players must read each story at least 3 times to receive 3 stars. In-story collectibles keep inviting players to return and experience each story multiple times.

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How to BAK-05

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  1. Read the story from the Bible. Before you play the story, you can read the actual Scripture the story comes from! Just tap the Scripture highlighted above the read button.
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How to BAK-06

The Bible App automatically guides you to the Scripture referenced in the story.

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  1. Talk about the story. Questions you can ask to discuss any of the stories in the Bible App for Kids are:
  •  Who is this story about?How to BAK-04
  • Did the person in the story need or want something?
  • Did anyone in the story change?
  • What is something you learned about Jesus?
  • What were the good and bad things that happened in the story?
  • What is the meaning of this story?
  • Why is this story important?
  • How can you connect this story to your own life?





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