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Who can get your teen to behave?

Every teen is an enigma. Yet, we’ve found a global norm among teens around the world.

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Over the course of 4 years, more than 152,000 13-19-year-olds in 44 countries on five continents responded to our teen research study, answering questions about their lives and beliefs. Our Spiritual State of the World’s Children research examines the true daily life of teens and trends around the world.

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What we discovered is that family life is one of the biggest influences of teen behavior. The research suggests that regardless of family makeup, it is the degree of positive family experience that determines positive outcomes – fewer instances of substance use, sexual behavior and suicidal thoughts, as well as increased academic drive.

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This trifecta of positive family experience, involvement in a faith community, and engagement in religious texts all contribute to positive outcomes and increased vibrancy in teens. And universally, family is key.

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ABY Family Vibrancy-01

What do you think is the most important thing a family can do to help raise spiritually strong teens?


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