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Your Child’s Name in Bible Verses

Every child is special, and every child has a name. Most of them love hearing the story of where their name came from, or what it means. Now you can give any child an extra special gift and encouragement using Scripture.

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Speaking Scripture over your child is powerful. It’s our duty as parents to impress God’s Word on our kids’ hearts. Surrounding them with God’s Word to help impress it on their hearts is a biblical mandate of parenting.

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We’ve made it easy to create a special and unique collection of Scripture for each child in your life!

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Simply spell out your child’s name like an acrostic. Then use the chart below to match the verses to the corresponding letter. If they have a double letter –like in the example below– dive into God’s Word together and find another verse for that letter!

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Hang it in their room as a reminder that God’s Word is forming them into the person they are becoming.

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We’d love to see how you creatively display your child’s name and Scripture—be sure to post a comment with pic to inspire others!

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